Make rules to fit reality

Like it or not, we are living in an era of legalized marijuana and we think it is high time that Napa County’s policymakers adjust to this reality.

California voters spoke loudly last year, approving Proposition 64, permitting the recreational use of marijuana for adults. This came 20 years after voters approved the medicinal use of marijuana. Napa County voters came out strongly for last fall’s legalization measure, backing it by a convincing 61-39 percent. The proposition easily carried every town and city and every supervisorial district, with approval rates ranging from just over 56 percent in American Canyon to nearly 65 percent in the First Supervisorial District.

The measure allows anyone over 21 to use marijuana and grow up to six plants for personal use. That took effect immediately after last year’s vote. The measure also legalizes commercial sale of marijuana and related products, but not until 2018, when the state must set up a system of licensing and regulating commercial growing and sales. That means as soon as seven months from now, cannabis could be available over the counter to any adult user.

The Napa Valley Register Editorial Board has spent the last five months considering this issue. We have spoken with local officials and staff, law enforcement, and legalization advocates. We have watched with interest as some of our local governments have taken tentative steps…

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