Vote goes against Cal State San Bernardino President Tomás Morales

Cal State San Bernardino’s faculty has voted 181-113 to express no-confidence in the university’s president, Tomás Morales.

The vote comes at the end of several contentious weeks that have revealed a deeply divided campus. On May 9, the school’s Faculty Senate passed a no-confidence resolution on a 21-15 vote.

Among other things, the resolution called for a campus-wide referendum, which was taken this week. The votes were counted Friday and the results announced Friday evening.

Karen Kolehmainen, president of the Faculty Senate and a physics professor, said she hoped the vote would spur Morales to take action.

“I think President Morales was denying the magnitude of the problem,” Kolehmainen said. “The result of this vote, I hope, will help him realize there really is a problem and it’s a very serious problem.”

Morales released a statement expressing his willingness to make things better.

“I look forward to collaborating with all my colleagues across campus, as well as the students we serve, to bridge our differences and work together in support of our common mission,” Morales said in the statement. “My pledge today is to work harder than ever, building toward an effective and productive future.”

Kolehmainen and other senate leaders said the no-confidence action was brought because although Morales promised to address the issues raised in a campus climate survey last year, he has failed to do so. Some of those issues include:

• Engaging with faculty in…

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