Video: Child thrown from ‘The Wave’ water park slide in Dublin on opening day

DUBLIN — The much-anticipated debut of the $43 million water park “The Wave” took a scary turn Saturday when a boy was launched from a three-story water slide, landing on the concrete exit next to the ride.

The 10-year-old boy was “just shaken up” with a scratched shoulder that was treated by first aid, a park spokeswoman said shortly after the incident witnessed and recorded by a Bay Area News Group photographer covering the Dublin park’s grand opening. The photographer saw scratches on the boy’s back, before he walked away on his own power and was helped by a lifeguard and city employee shortly after noon Saturday.

The park closed the Emerald Plunge after the incident and spokeswoman Shari Jackman said they are “reevaluating that slide.” No police or fire were called to the scene, park officials said, because the parents declined and were going to have the boy checked out on their own.

The Emerald Plunge is an open water slide that drops riders at an 80-degree angle before it flattens out at the bottom. On its website, the park described the slide: “A severe drop induces thrills in this open air ride. Prepare for a rush as you drop three stories at an 80 degree slope.”

Park officials said they followed the manufacturer’s guidelines for the slide which has height requirements. They said they might increase the water pressure to slow riders down and add weight limits.

The park also said riders are asked to cross their arms and legs when riding down and the boy’s legs were apart.

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