UK lowers terror threat level to 'severe' as more arrested

Britain reduced its terrorism threat level a notch, from “critical” to “severe,” as authorities said major progress has been made in unravelling the plot behind the Manchester bombing.

Prime Minister Theresa May said “a significant amount of police activity” and several arrests had led to the level being lowered. But she urged Britons to remain vigilant and said soldiers would remain at high-profile sites throughout the current holiday weekend. The troops will gradually be withdrawn from Monday, May said.

A severe threat means an attack is “highly likely,” according to the scale set by Britain’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. Until it was raised Tuesday, it had stayed at severe since mid-2014.

Police made two more attests Saturday, bringing the number of suspects in custody to 11. All are men, aged between 18 and 44.

Greater Manchester Police said two men, aged 20 and 22, were detained early Saturday in…

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