Special Election: What Measure E would mean for Upland

UPLAND >> Upland voters will be asked once again if they stand by the city’s approach to handling marijuana-related activities.

On June 6, Upland residents will go to the polls for a special election. The only item on the ballot is Measure E, which would keep intact a local ordinance giving the city a wholesale endorsement of its efforts to prohibit marijuana uses.

Upland’s so-called super ban ordinance would prohibit the following marijuana activities in the city: cultivation, dispensing, transporting (by an unlicensed company), distribution, manufacture, processing, labeling and testing.

“It’s to protect our own destiny, by allowing the city to have control of our own laws. It’s no secret that in the past, Upland is one of the locations that’s been picked on,” said Upland Councilman Sid Robinson, who also helped author the official argument in favor of Measure E.

No argument against the measure was filed. California Cannabis Coalition President Craig Beresh, who opposed the city’s ordinance, did not return requests for comment.

Last year, with approval of Proposition 64 imminent, council members approved what they believed were strict policies regarding marijuana-related activities in the city. With the proposition’s passage, pot has been decriminalized, but it won’t be widely available for sale until 2018.

Although Upland already had a ban in place, elected officials passed a more comprehensive ban in September, and it was set to become law at the…

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