SMPD preparing for first surge in summer visitors


The Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) wants locals and visitors to enjoy their holiday weekend but do so in a safe manner.

Officers are reminding everyone drinking is prohibited in public spaces (including the beach), valuables should be kept safe in large crowds and drivers should be aware of additional enforcement operations in the next few days.

“We do anticipate larger crowds coming with parents, tourists and kids this weekend,” said Sergeant Rudy Flores.

He said the SMPD’s Memorial Day deployment is similar to other large holidays like July 4 and includes additional foot patrols or bicycle patrols in high traffic areas and all-terrain vehicles on the beach.

“There will also be additional officers on the pier and in the Esplanade areas and officers throughout the city,” said Flores. “It’s going to be a very busy weekend here.”

He said large crowds can make appealing targets for opportunistic criminals. Anyone parking at the beach or in a Downtown lot should remember the department’s “take it, hide it, lock it so you can keep it,” campaign.

He said valuables should never be left in plain sight and when they can’t be taken with you, they should be hidden from view in a securely locked vehicle.

Locals and visitors should remain aware of the valuables they do keep with them. When visiting restaurants, purses and wallets shouldn’t be placed under seats or behind chairs where they can’t be seen. Valuables shouldn’t be left unattended on bus or train seats and anyone should remember to…

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