Saudis say they knew Trump’s anti-Islamic rhetoric was just a gimmick to win votes

Donald Trump described Muslims as sick people who have hatred on their minds and he proposed banning them from entering the United States.

Yet surprisingly, many people in Saudi Arabia, a nation considered the birthplace of Islam where citizens are required to be Muslim, don’t hold his words against him.

In more than a dozen interviews, residents suggested the billionaire businessman turned Republican president simply was using stinging rhetoric to appeal to supporters and defeat Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

He was, they say, the ultimate salesman.

“What Donald Trump said before he was president was just marketing,” Adeel Alhathlol, 38, a Riyadh businessman who imports sound systems, said through a translator. “Because he’s a businessman, he knew how to make followers. His goal is not to be racist but just to wake up people.”

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