Reading Donald Trump’s body language: The Trump shove, Melania’s hand bat.

Our golden-haired leader is no silver-tongued devil, but that’s OK. What he lacks in verbal zingers he makes up for with physical ones.

Body language – both his and that of the pitiable people around him – is telling the story of Donald Trump’s foreign adventure better than anything else.

When I say “pitiable,” I’m thinking about the pope, of course, and the first lady, naturally, but especially Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, who was the visibly stunned victim of the shove heard round the world.

Please tell me you saw it. Markovic, Trump and other heads of state were arranging themselves for a photograph. And Markovic had the misfortune to be standing between Trump and the front of the pack, a lesser beauty in the bossy prom queen’s path.

But not for long! Trump batted him out of the way, perhaps mistaking him for a political reporter or picturing James Comey. Then,…

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