Pathway links vets to college

For post-9/11 veterans who need help adjusting to civilian life, acquiring a place to live, getting professional counseling and going to college for job training, there is no better $700-a-month deal in the Napa Valley than the Pathway Home in Yountville.

The self-supporting non-profit, which is financed by private donations, foundation grants and corporate giving, is located on the grounds of the California Veterans Home of Yountville and staffed by counselors from the Veterans Administration’s San Francisco Health Care System.

Counselors provide a therapeutic residential environment to help veterans connect to Napa Valley College for educational needs and job training, and to the Workforce Investment Board, as well as local businesses and community members.

At NVC, veterans are linked to the Pathway Home by Veterans Services Specialist Lynette Cortes, who answers questions and provides financial help for students seeking certificates, degrees and a new career path.

“Veterans returning from deployment who are looking to get their lives back on track, can use education and job training to reduce stress and re-integrate into society,” said Xavier Bianchi, NVC’s new president of the Student Veterans Organization.

Bianchi, who served three tours in Afghanistan, said he advises NVC veterans to check out the Pathway Home, where he is planning to volunteer his time.

“When student veterans…

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