Not exactly Cannes, this film fest is Fargo _ with drones

Spencer Kuhlman was playing junior hockey in Canada when a knee injury wiped out his hopes of playing in college. With time on his hands, Kuhlman turned to another passion — aviation — and soon lost himself in the pleasures of drone photography.

Kuhlman is a finalist in a surprisingly popular first-year film festival that aims to highlight the possibilities of art from above. The festival, part of an annual drone conference that attracts hundreds of participants to a state that has invested $40 million in the unmanned aircraft industry, drew 42 entries from 21 countries.

Kuhlman’s loosely scripted “Across The World” entry relies on clips from travels to Norway, Canada, Hawaii and across the continental U.S.

“There’s a lot of gliding over locations at the beginning,” he said. “As soon as the beat of music picks up, it’s more like people jumping and a lot more activity going on.”

Kuhlman and other…

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