Monterey police chief looks to hire new officers

Monterey >> Police Chief Dave Hober spoke to the Monterey City Council this week to discuss a proposed budget, which will face a June 6 vote, that would add funding for new police officers.

The proposed city budget is for fiscal years 2017-18 and 2018-19.

“In that proposed budget, it’s requested for two officers over a two-year period,” he said Friday. “But I think actually they’re going to request four. But that’s just a request and then the City Council has to determine what they’re going to do and the City Council has a lot of things that they’re trying to balance.”

One of the officers would be funded through the general fund, at an annual cost of $155,190, and the other through the Tidelands Fund, at an annual cost of $160,000. The budget also calls for a part-time community service officer through the general fund at an annual cost of $80,000 and another part-time community officer through the Tidelands Fund at an annual cost of $50,000.

Hober said the Monterey Police Department has 51 sworn officers, but he always has officers who are in training, injured or ill.

“As a result of that, I’m always about 10 to 20 percent below what I’m authorized to staff with street-ready officers,” he said.

That means the department typically operates down five to 10 officers.

“I have positions in traffic, I have positions in the Community Action Team, I have positions in investigations and I’m not able to keep the officers in those positions because I…

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