Man thought he was a comic book vigilante and wanted to kill a ‘Power Rangers’ star, police say

An Arizona man is facing multiple criminal charges after he was arrested at the Phoenix Comicon event Thursday, where he allegedly had multiple weapons and was planning on killing one of the event’s performers.

Matthew Sterling, a local resident identified by multiple media outlets as somewhere between 29 and 31 years old, was detained after police were contacted by a California woman who said Sterling had sent her several Facebook messages threatening to shoot police officers and containing pictures of his weapons, according to the Arizona Republic.

While security at the event was supposed to screen all prop weapons before attendees could enter the Phoenix Convention Center, Sterling was able to avoid detection and enter the event with fully loaded handguns, a shotgun, a knife, pepper spray and throwing stars, according to the Associated Press. As a result, security at the event was drastically tightened Friday to ban all prop weapons, frustrating attendees, per the AP.

However, court and police records concerning Sterling…

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