Letters to the editor, May 28, 2017: Remembering all who fought for our freedom

Remembering all who fought for our freedom

Monday is Memorial Day, a day set aside for all Americans to remember those who defended our country. Over 42 million men and women have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Not all of them were American citizens.

Over 1 million service members died while serving; another 1.5 million were wounded. And not all of them were American citizens.

Decoration Day, as it was originally named, began in 1868. On the first Decoration Day, the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated in Arlington National Cemetery, 600,000 in all. Today the holiday is called Memorial Day, a day dedicated to picnics, parades, beachgoing and shopping.

There are over 25 million living veterans. Memorial Day is a good day to remember all who served to win our independence and preserve it, and especially those who gave their life on our behalf.

— Retired Army Col. John O’Neil, Monterey

As the world laughs at us, terrorists are emboldened

Poor Trump … the media is picking on him … boo hoo. He is a national and international embarrassment. Those misguided supporters are hard-pressed to name a single positive action he has accomplished since taking office. You voted for change and did you ever get it!

Mental and moral deficiency is what you got. If Hillary Clinton had done one-tenth of the things Trump has, she’d be impeached by now. The media doesn’t have to conjure up attacks on him … he gives them fodder every single day and I, for one, look…

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