LA will back off on enforcing parking restrictions on Memorial Day

Some parking enforcement will be eased on Memorial Day, since it is a national holiday, including at meters or curbs where street sweeping is usually scheduled.

Other situations in which city traffic officers won’t be issuing tickets include parking in spots that have “preferential parking” rules, which typically only allow parking by residents of that street or neighborhood.

But not all rules will be relaxed, and a good rule of thumb is to remember that any parking rule that is meant to keep people safe will still be in force, according to Devon Farhan, deputy chief of parking enforcement at the Department of Transportation.

Another way to remember the rules is to watch for curbs that are red, white and blue. Restricted red zones, white loading zones and blue handicap zones will still be in effect, Farfan said.

Other traffic rules still apply, so double parking is not allowed.

Details about where Angelenos can park can be found at the Transportation Department’s website.


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