How to keep your dog exercised safely in Modesto area’s summer’s heat

Q. I’m looking for some ways to keep my Boxer, Betty, cool and entertained when it is really hot outside. I’ve been told not to walk her during the heat of the day, but I worry she’s not getting enough exercise. Any ideas? I am on a limited budget. – Irene

A. You’ve gotten good advice, Irene. Boxers and other short-muzzled breeds are particularly susceptible to the heat, due to the structure of their airways. I appreciate that you are not only interested in keeping Betty cool, but also healthy, and both physical and mental stimulation are important.

As we get into the heat of summer, adjust your schedule if needed, so you can walk Betty during the cooler early morning or evening hours. During the heat of the day, remaining indoors is best, although a cool, covered patio can also work, with some additional considerations.

If Betty enjoys water, a kiddie pool with fresh, clean water might be just the thing to not only keep her cool, but provide some entertainment as well, and I’m not only talking about the dog! After…

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