How to best survive your bad allergies and other weather-related ailments

Jessica Trujillo takes over-the-counter medication pretty much all year to treat chronic allergy symptoms, such as dizziness and feverish feelings.

The toughest times for the Temecula resident is when there is a lot of pollen in the air or during a change of seasons. Like now.

“I’ve had blood work done by an allergist and I’m allergic to everything on the test for Southern California residents — especially dust and cats,” wrote the customer service representative for Murrieta-based Copan Diagnostics in an email. “I usually feel fine and they don’t bother me as long as I stay on Allegra or some kind of allergy medication.”

A profusion of pollen and shifting weather conditions has left some people weather sick as another Southern California summer approaches. Many are experiencing seasonal ailments like allergies, rashes, irritated eyes, colds, headaches and even sleeping problems.

The human body’s reactions to fluctuating temperatures, moisture and atmospheric pressure, as well as wind and masses of blooming plants, may be predictable, but that doesn’t make coping any easier.

“I think this year might be a little bit worse than an average year,” said Dr. Geoffrey Leung, medical director for Riverside University Health System’s community clinics.

The region is getting hit by wind and dust just as everything is in peak bloom. The top three most common maladies now are allergies, eye irritations and skin sensitivity, Leung said.

Allergy symptoms include a…

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