An 80-year-old woman was visiting her husband’s grave. Then someone stole her purse.

Anne Ogden has spent nearly 76 of her 80 years visiting the St. Mary-Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

While there, she cleans the gravestones of her deceased grandmother, and more recently, her husband, planting geraniums around them, according to WBZ.

On Tuesday morning, she was there again, at her husband’s grave, when a man walked up behind her and snatched her purse. In it, there was nearly $1,000 in cash, she told the station, including several $20 bills with added emotional significance. When her husband died, she took one of the bills from his wallet.

“I took 20 dollars out. I did the same with my mother, my aunt Julie and my godmother Anna,” Ogden told WBZ. “Cause I felt they’ll always be with me, that’s what I wanted back.”

As the thief ran away, Ogden said she called after him, asking him to leave the money.

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