2-time champ Juan Pablo Montoya under the radar at Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Life should be less stressful for Juan Pablo Montoya these days.

You see, the two-time Indy 500 winner lost his full-time ride last year, and when other options never really materialized, he decided to join Team Penske in a part-time role. That meant hopping into the car for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis a couple weeks ago and again for Sunday’s Indy 500.

But it also meant fewer sponsorship obligations. Fewer media requirements. And when his teammates stressed about Team Penske’s lousy qualifying weekend, it meant fewer sleepless nights.

“A lot of my teammates were really pissed about qualifying because they lost a whole lot of points,” Montoya explained, “but for me? Meh, I really don’t care.”


What does he care about? Karting.

That’s where the stress is coming from now.

Without the week-to-week grind of the IndyCar season, Montoya has more time to devote to his 12-year-old son Sebastian’s karting career. Montoya beams when he talks about spending a day-and-a-half last week, while other drivers were poring over data in anticipation of Indy 500 qualifying, working on the chassis and setup for Sebastian’s most recent karting race.

“But watching him race? It sucks,” Montoya said, speaking more animatedly than he does about his own career. “It’s completely out of your hands. It’s great when things are working well. When he doesn’t do a good job or the chassis isn’t working like it should, I get frustrated.”

So does Sebastian. And does…

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