Teen sentenced to juvenile hall after home invasion beating that ‘permanently changed’ couple

MARTINEZ  — After dying countless times, spending two months in a coma, and relearning how to live, John Russo was finally able to talk to the young woman who orchestrated the home invasion at her sentencing on Friday.

The sentencing held at the Justice Wakefield Taylor Courthouse in Martinez on Friday was for Franceska Kabasinskas, 18, who was charged with first degree robbery for instigating a 2015 home invasion and the savage beating of John and Ann Russo that left them permanently changed.

“You know this all started with you,” John Russo said to Kabasinskas in court. “I will never be the same. I tell people that if I’m 80 percent, I can live with that.”

Brentwood police say Kabasinskas admitted to lying about her ex-boyfriend, Johnathan Russo, raping her to her then-boyfriend, Eliseo Sumale.

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