President's scandal has Brazilians pondering new government

Many Brazilians are already looking ahead to the likelihood of a new government after two days of corruption allegations battered President Michel Temer and produced a stream of calls for him to quit despite his defiant vow to stay in office.

Temer’s administration, which came to power a year ago after a tough impeachment fight ousted President Dilma Rousseff, has withstood several scandals. But with Brazil’s currency and stocks gyrating amid the anxiety over the new political crisis, few believe it can remain standing after the latest charges against the 76-year-old career politician.

On Friday, documents released by Brazil’s highest court revealed that the nation’s top prosecutor is accusing Temer of corruption and obstruction of justice. That came a day after the influential newspaper O Globo reported that the president had been recorded approving the payment of hush money to a former lawmaker in jail for corruption.

The charges by Attorney General Rodrigo Janot were a major escalation in the threat to Temer’s presidency, and…

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