Summer resolutions that are bound to be broken

After finals, every UC Berkeley student lets out a sigh of relief. All the stress of the year is finally over and only the sweet sunshine of summer awaits us. Yet, having three months of emptiness can be daunting for students whose lives are marked by goals. So, what do we do to fill the post-semester void? Make summer resolutions, of course! We all usually have the same ideas every year, but just like New Year’s resolutions, most of these end up in the trash before Memorial Day hits. So, to stop you from making these broken resolutions (or to challenge you to prove us wrong!) we at the Clog have devised a list of doomed summer aspirations.

Lose weight/Bulk up

Of course this had to be the first one. The idea of the “summer bod” has been drilled into your head ever since you set eyes on a television. Even if you’re happy with your body, you always think it wouldn’t hurt to shape up for those beach days. And while the first few days may be ridden with workouts, protein shakes and green juices, these habits begin to slowly be pushed off the schedule. In their places are days taken up by partying with friends, binging Netflix or sleeping in. We’re not saying that this goal is doomed to fail or that transforming into a summer sloth is bad. Just be prepared to have some major dedication if you want to stick to this one.

Treat your temple right

After all the Coachella partying and finals ripping your soul apart, you may find that you need to heal your sorry self. This means a total detox. No more alcohol, smoking…

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