Kawakami: Curry/Durant, Iguodala/Livingston/McCaw and the Warriors’ unique Doubling Effect

For two playoff runs, the Warriors built every part of their offense around Stephen Curry, and that was good enough–and he was plenty good enough–for one championship and one victory short of a repeat.

That last necessary victory vs. Cleveland last June, however… was a little difficult–or impossible, actually–with Curry struggling through some injuries, shooting a combined 22-for-60 (36.7%) and committing 4 turnovers in each of the Games 5-6-7 losses after the Warriors went up 3-1 in the series.

Not coincidentally, the Warriors averaged only 95.7 points in those three ultimate losses, after averaging 114.9 points in the regular season and 109.4 in their 21 previous playoff games to that point.

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