Graduate Student Council questions funding guidelines

The GSC debated VSO funding guidelines, which do not currently fund meetings that are not open to all grad students (Gillian Brassil/THE STANFORD DAILY).

In its second official meeting Wednesday, the Graduate Student Council addressed flaws in the Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) funding guidelines and proposed outside outreach committee opportunities.

Faulty funding guidelines

A recent VSO request from the Stanford Black Biosciences Organization sparked discussion over the efficacy of the current funding committee guidelines. These guidelines were revised to fit the stringent budget two months ago, according to GSC and funding committee member Isa Rosa from the School of Engineering.

The Black Biosciences Organization requested funding for an informational session with an expected attendance of 15. The funding committee denied the group funding because the current funding guidelines say that the GSC does not fund informational sessions and the session was not planning to accommodate for a wide audience.

Rosa said that the info session addressed internal elections for the group and that the GSC only funds events that are open to all graduate students.

“There are over 200 VSOs on campus,” Rosa said. “If each VSO came and asked for funding and got it, we would have no money left for things that accommodate more grad students. We want to fund events that are going to have a bigger impact.”

The recommendation to deny funding raised questions from GSC member Megan Conlon from the natural sciences division…

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