[final sw] Weekend getaways: Do they cause or relieve stress?

“You’re doing homework on a Friday night?” a flight attendant asked, eyebrows raised in surprise and pity. My best friend and fellow Daily writer, Elise Most ’20, and I shook our heads and laughed as we worked on material for our dorm’s “Untalented Show” the following week. Last weekend, Elise accompanied me to my relatives’ house in Orange County. We flew out Friday evening and returned Sunday evening, a trip many students would consider much too short. The sad thing is that the flight attendant didn’t know we’d be doing homework for a good portion of both Saturday and Sunday.

Leaving campus for an extended time at any point during the quarter can help relieve and yet cause stress. The Stanford bubble encases sunshine, free thinking and anxiety. It’s easy to escape last-minute internship applications and final problem sets by booking a Zipcar for a few hours or taking the Caltrain up to San Francisco for the evening. From personal experience, planning flights for your weekend getaway can result in unnecessary panic attacks the day before departure.  (Tip: Make sure you buy tickets for the correct weekend, especially when you’re flying with another person.)  

After my aunt and uncle picked us up from the airport and drove us to dinner, I couldn’t help but remind myself how much work I had to do. Eating the best meal since spring break, I decided to enjoy my Friday night.  I put away my laptop and focused on catching up with my family until the early hours of the morning. With relaxing…

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