Field tickets sold out, bleacher seats still available for Frost Festival

Field tickets for Frost Music & Arts Festival this weekend have sold out, and students who decided against attending have turned to reselling tickets at much higher prices. Lower bleacher and upper bleacher tickets are still available.

According to Stanford Concert Network (SCN), the festival’s new tiered seating system was introduced as a result of moving the concert from its usual venue, Frost Amphitheater, to the Stanford Stadium this year. The amphitheater could not accommodate the event because it is under construction.

“The bleachers are going to be incredibly fun,” said SCN Executive Leader Robert Webber ’19. “It’s going to be kind of like a football game vibe – people standing on the chairs, very high energy; and the field [will be] similarly high energy, a little closer but not necessarily any different.”

To accommodate the change in venue, SCN built a stage inside Stanford Stadium that is elevated to allow attendees on bleachers to be at eye level with performers.

“The stage is not very far from the bleachers,” said SCN Executive Leader Rosalind Lutsky ’18. “It’s not like a football game, and it’s not going to be on the other side of the field, so you’re still really up close, and you probably have even a clearer view from the bleachers.”

According to Webber, the design of the stage ensures that each audience member receives equal – or as similar as possible – levels of audio mix and visual opportunity.

Because of the new stage production, along with the complications…

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