Who are you callin’ ugly, Travel + Leisure?

The readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, who I am sure are among the most beautiful people evah, have ranked Sacramento as having the second-ugliest residents of any major American city, right behind Baltimore.

The other ugly cities are, in order: Spokane, Wash.; Charlotte, N.C.; Milwaukee; Cleveland; Tampa, Fla.; Atlanta; and Memphis, Tenn.

I am not sure what possessed the very beautiful editors of Travel + Leisure to compile such a list, but the editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure is a man named Nathan Lump.

Nathan Lump. Rank that name for attractiveness.

Based on the photograph of Nathan Lump, we can see how he might be intrigued by the thought of an aesthetic plebiscite on the relative attractiveness of Sacramentans, Baltimoreans, and all other oppressed Ugly City Residents. He’s so attractive! Nice bow tie, too!

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