When a dad tossed his baby from a burning 2nd-story window, a firefighter reached out

In ten years as a Georgia firefighter, Robert Sutton had seen his fair share of blazes. But when the 31-year-old father of two reported to the scene of an apartment fire in DeKalb County Tuesday, he encountered a rescue situation he had never seen before.

Sutton was covering a colleague’s 24-hour shift that day when a call came in from the dispatcher in the afternoon, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. A fire had broken out on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia, not far from where Sutton himself had been raised.

Sutton immediately headed to the scene with the crew of firefighters, where they spotted a serious fire billowing from an apartment complex on the street, Fox 5 reported. He began suiting up, preparing to enter the burning building, when he saw a man rush to the second-story window and knock out the window screen.

“I got a baby, I got a baby!” Sutton heard him cough, according to the Journal-Constitution. He reached out of the window, an infant in his hands.

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