Trump and God

Donald Trump celebrated Easter in an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Fla., where he gave a thumbs-up sign to the congregants before taking his seat in a pew near the front. His appearance on the major Christian holiday was another data point in an ongoing debate about whether the president is a true believer or merely signaling religiosity to appease his base.

During the campaign, he referred to Second Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” and couldn’t name his favorite Bible verse. The church he claimed as his own, in Manhattan, released a statement that he was not an “active member.” Shortly after his inauguration, he mistook a communion plate for an offertory plate. Recently Politico noted an uptick in Trump’s religious references. “Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?” a headline asked. The answer from several of Trump’s biographers was no. “Donald has never been a spiritually or religiously serious person,” Timothy O’Brien, author of “TrumpNation: The Art of Being Donald,” told Politico.

Good to know, I guess. But Trump’s religion (or lack thereof) is one of the least revealing things about him. Even if churchgoing habits are a proxy for a president’s moral code, there’s no need for one in Trump’s case because he’s already given us plenty of direct information about his values — in the comments he’s uttered, the tweets he’s sent, the policies he’s championed and the people he’s chosen…

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