That salad will cost you. Veggie prices soar because of California rain.

After five years of drought, this spring’s deluge has turned California’s “Salad Bowl” into a soggy agricultural mess. That’s created stratospheric prices for lettuce, broccoli and other salad ingredients grown along California’s coast.

A crazy California winter, with a mix of unseasonably warm weather and a series of drenching rains, has confounded farmers and produced gyrating prices for consumers across the country. The wholesale price of iceberg lettuce grown in California has risen sixfold since January, while broccoli has quadrupled; conditions are expected to persist for several more weeks.

“Supplies are tight, and prices have come way up,” said Roland Fumasi, vice president and senior analyst with agricultural lender Rabobank. “Were going to see some relatively elevated prices and some price volatility … through the middle of next month.”

At Raley’s, the retail price for a head of organic iceberg lettuce has jumped to $2.99, an increase of about $1 since January. A pound of broccoli has gone from…

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