Scoop: Palin, The Nuge, Kid Rock drop in on President Trump

Welcome to the White Trash, er, we mean, White House.

In a move that “Saturday Night Live” is definitely going to appreciate, President Donald Trump invited former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to dinner on Wednesday and told her “to bring some friends,” according to Spin.

And just what friends did she bring? Rockers Ted “The Nuge” Nugent and Kid Rock.

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Yes, that Ted Nugent — the man who made many threatening statements about President Barack Obama during his tenure — was a guest in the White House.

Nugent was joined during the occasion by his wife, Shemane Deziel Nugent, and Kid Rock was accompanied by his fiancee Audrey Berry.

The guests posed behind President Trump’s desk, where he was sitting, and the image has gone viral on Twitter.

While they were at the White House, Kid Rock, Palin and Nugent took the opportunity to troll former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by posing for a picture next to a painting of Clinton while making disapproving faces.

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