Roadshow: BART track shutdown will affect Mother’s Day

Q Again this year, BART is closing down a portion of the tracks that connect to the Fruitvale station on Mother’s Day and supplying shuttle buses instead. This causes long delays for people heading out to meet loved ones.

Our daughter has seen people juggling balloons, flowers and gifts while bouncing between the trains and buses, and waiting for additional shuttles to show up since a bus won’t always hold an entire train’s worth of people, causing delays of 20 to 40-plus minutes.

What BART doesn’t seem to realize is that Mother’s Day brunches or other family traditions are difficult to plan when you’re not sure when the attendees will arrive. I understand that they need to shut down from time to time for repairs, but since they have these shutdowns on alternating spring weekends could they schedule them on ones that don’t inconvenience people trying to visit their mothers?
Judy Ludlow

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