Newborn care specialists are here to help!

Sleepless nights, chaotic mornings and poopy diapers dominate life during the first few months a baby is born. It’s not just the crying at all hours or parents’ utter lack of sleep, it’s the general sense of being completely unprepared. To the rescue is a new type of caretaker known as a Newborn Care Specialist.

Providing additional support through those tough early months, Newborn Care Specialists, or NCSs, provide special insight from diapering to circumcision care to help make the transition easier. There are a number of Newborn Care Specialist Certification training courses in the U.S. including Newborn Care Training Academy and Newborn Care Specialist Association.

Newport Beach resident Sara McAllister earned her training through the academy. Before starting her NCS business, Welcome Home Baby LLC, McAllister was a nanny for eight years. A member of the International Nanny Association, she grappled with every baby concern from colic to sleep-pattern conditioning but yearned to learn more. McAllister completed her Newborn Care Specialist training in 2016. The curriculum covered the basics about feeding and nutrition, including such topics as burping and breast milk storage, but also included more advanced subjects such as sensory stimulation, preemie care, postpartum depression symptoms, crib safety and SIDS.

Not only can an NCS prep a nursery with Martha Stewart ease, she can also help parents feel human again. Ask any new parent what they miss most about baby-less life and they are likely to list…

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