Kendall Jenner tries another political statement — with a $710 Dior T-shirt

The last time Kendall Jenner tried to get political, it didn’t go so well.

The 21-year-old model attempted to mix the energy of today’s anti-Trump resistance-era politics with commerce — offering herself up as the new face of Pepsi in an ad that was universally condemned for its cringeworthy appropriation of imagery from serious-minded Black Lives Matters and Women’s March protests.

Since the ad was pulled, Kendall has been “laying low,” as Kardashian family sources put it. That is, as low as a Kardashian family member can go.

She hasn’t made any public statements about the ad debacle but she showed up at Harper’s BAZAAR 150th Anniversary party in New York City Wednesday night. She’s also been the star of different celebrity friends’ social media feeds, wearing cool or edgy clothes at last weekend’s Coachella music festival events, for example.

Another Kendall sighting happened Thursday when she stepped out in public leaving a Los Angeles-area studio where she had been doing a photo shoot with her sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, the Daily Mail reported. And for the sighting she made an interesting fashion choice: pairing cropped jeans and beige ankle books with a white T-shirt with a slogan about feminism on the front.

“We should all be feminists,” the slogan read.

So, there’s probably nothing too disingenuous here — not like the Pepsi ad. In the ad, which was almost immediately pulled following a fierce backlash, Kendall is a glamorous model “woke” to politics. She tears…

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