Disneynature’s ‘Born in China’ is irresistibly cute, heartwarming tribute to majesty of wildlife

Disneynature’s newest film commemorates Earth Day, which is April 22, by bringing nature to the movies and giving back to nature from the movies. A portion of the sales from the opening week of “Born in China” will help contribute to the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to benefit giant pandas and snow leopards, allowing audiences to engage with conservation initiatives at a local level as they learn more about these species from the stunning documentary. Director Lu Chuan fashions a fascinating and heartwarming film that will particularly appeal to young audiences with its educational and engaging storytelling — not to mention a plethora of overwhelmingly adorable images of baby monkeys, pandas and leopards. Narrated by John Krasinski (“The Office”), “Born in China” offers numerous moments of lighthearted fun and moving drama that showcase the profound magnificence of the country’s wildlife.

“Born in China” encompasses three primary storylines, each an intimate portrayal of a different species: Dawa is a snow leopard, a powerful, protective mother who does everything in her capacity to provide for her children; Tao Tao is a young, adventurous golden monkey who is struggling for the attention of his parents after the birth of his baby sister; giant panda Ya Ya cares for her young cub, Mei Mei, who is just beginning to venture out and get a taste of freedom on her own terms.

The only thing stringing these separate narratives together is the general premise that they take place somewhere in the vast…

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