Ann Coulter event will stir meaningful debate

It’s not easy to be a nonpartisan political organization at UC Berkeley. The university’s campus should be a dynamic marketplace of ideas where students can be exposed to different beliefs. The city of Berkeley presents us with a market in which different ideas can be difficult to rigorously discuss in the absence of alternate ideologies.

Our organization, BridgeUSA, invited Ann Coulter to speak before a body of primarily liberally minded college students about the issue of illegal immigration. Though we tried, it’s a difficult task to justify Ann Coulter’s presence, author of “How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must,” to one of the most liberal cities in California.

It’s no surprise that the issue of illegal immigration hits close to home for many members of the UC Berkeley community. Berkeley, a sanctuary city, not only has a large undocumented student population, but also has a large liberal student populace. For this reason, the invitation of Coulter presented views that are directly opposite the dominating viewpoints that are held on the Berkeley campus. She’s repeatedly called for the defunding of sanctuary cities like Berkeley. She earnestly supports Trump’s plan to build a wall on the southern border. And she is staunchly opposed to amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Her views have attracted a large following, and she has written 12 bestselling books. That following is all but absent in Berkeley, but we felt that this event would provide an exciting opportunity for political opposites to…

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