Chico parade is looking for volunteers, help

Chico >> Don’t recognize the name Chico Cenntennial Parade? What parade has been around for 100 years?

Well, behind the name is the annual Pioneer Day Parade, which hasn’t been around the 100 years. However, organizers have found there’s a trail back a century to a distant celebration.

Starting as early as 1915 there was a spring festival called Senior Days at the Chico Normal School, the teachers college in Chico that became Chico State University, according to parade orchestrators Richard Elsom and Connie Wright, both of Chico.

Designed for high school seniors with hopes of getting them to college, there was a festival, a variety show and lunch. They say a couple of years later — around 1917 or 1918 — there was a parade.

That’s the history behind this year’s May 6 parade, although the first official Pioneer Days Parade was in 1928, according to Elsom.

As fun as major celebrations like parades are, there’s still a lot of work to pull them off, and Elson and Wright are looking for help, including volunteers, items, supplies and money for what they call a bare-bones event.

They need:

About 15 additional volunteers to staff the barricades that keep vehicles and the parade separated.

About five long tables and 40 chairs for the barbecue area. Dave Dewey of Chico Lockers will be the barbecue chef.

About 50 chairs so that the Chico Community Band can be seated.

They hope to attract vendors, exhibitors, nonprofits to populate the City…

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