Young Kaylee Rodgers Gives Me Hope

After doing these columns for ten years (and countless lost brain cells)  I’ve learned the most important sentences are the first and  last. The first, because that tips the reader of the direction the piece will likely take and the last to tie the journey together. That said, any time a writer talks about writing they’re probably stalling for time. I plead guilty.

I intended to  write “year in review” but 2016 has been dreadful for me. And that was even before Trump’s election, which I’ll get to later. (I’ll also explain about young Kaylee.) And just now the tragic deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother the beloved Debbie Reynolds. But there was an event in 2016 for which I am still very grateful.

In spring, my older sister, Brenda, was on vacation with friends in Mexico when she suddenly got very ill. Everyone thought it was “Tourista” until they found but Brenda unconscious and rushed her to a small, local hospital where her heart stopped for five minutes.

It was grim to say the least when the doctor indicated there likely would be brain damage. But when Brenda came out of the coma and the first thing she asked was, “How much is this costing?” I knew she was going to be fine.  In fact, she’s made a 100% recovery. But the rest of my 2016 was pretty much downhill.

At the Daily Press, our much revered dean of the columnists, Bill Bauer passed away. Bill was so lovably ornery I never thought he’d ever die. He had way too much still left to vent. 

I met Bill in 2004 when I was hosting a…

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