Trump’s upset win rocks region

“People who’ve never voted before have been coming into the headquarters saying how excited they are that they voted for Trump and how hopeful they are,” she said. “The hope of many people is that we can cut back on the incredible regulations of the government and the intrusion of government into our daily lives.”

John Reyes, a Cloverdale resident and registered Republican, said he voted for Trump largely because of his business background.

“I would prefer he not speak at times, but I am looking forward to Trump. I am hopeful that he’s going to bring back jobs,” said Reyes, an auto salesman involved in several local nonprofits, including the Council on Aging. “I’m hopeful he’s going to take a scalpel to the federal budget and stop spending money that we don’t have. And the other thing I would like to see is restoration of our military and our place in the world. I want people to respect the United States again.”

On the other side, local Clinton supporters voiced a level of despondency unmatched by almost any other election loss.

“I’ve been pretty depressed since Nov. 8,” said Chris Snyder, assistant political director of the Operating Engineers Local 3 union and a delegate for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Snyder said he thought the American public would be able to see past internal Democratic Party rifts that arose between Clinton backers and supporters of her primary challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose springtime visits to Cloverdale and Vallejo drew…

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