Smith: Doors to close on DeMeo law firm

The DeMeo law firm has reigned among Sonoma County’s most respected and effective since sons of immigrants Charles “Chop” DeMeo and J.N. “Nick” DeMeo went into practice together in 1939.

By now, three more generations of DeMeos and their partners have sustained and built upon Nick and Chop’s legacy. But as Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in 1374, all good things must come to an end.

Three months after the death of Jack DeMeo, remaining partners Emily DeMeo and Joshua West prepare to close the firm.

Emily, who is Jack’s granddaughter, Nick’s great-granddaughter and the daughter of judge and former DeMeo & DeMeo partner Brad DeMeo, said the family decision to terminate the practice was tough, “but it’s one we had to make.”

Emily will join the historic firm of Geary, Shea, O’Donnell, Grattan & Mitchell. West will move to Smith Dollar PC.

Feb. 1, the DeMeo firm is no more. Jack might like for us to remember why it is that Chaucer said good things must end:

“To make way for better things to happen because the best is yet to come.”

SHE’S ALIVE and hugely thankful. Candice Day of Penngrove feels some gratitude even to the driver of the hit-and-run pickup or SUV that slammed into her Saturn convertible on Highway 101 in Santa Rosa on the Tuesday before Christmas.

“You are dead,” she told herself as the large vehicle bore down on her from behind after she’d stopped in a traffic jam. If that driver hadn’t slammed on the brakes and pulled right, Day suspects the impact would have been fatal.

“This person…

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