Is there life beyond the Chargers?

This time, the unthinkable is thinkable.

Today, the Chargers appear in their Second Annual Farewell Bowl. As in 2015, the 2016 season ends with the team’s owners mulling a move to Los Angeles (again) after failing to close the deal on a new San Diego stadium (again).

At last year’s final home game, fans lavished affection on the Chargers. After cheering a 30-14 trouncing of the Dolphins, thousands lingered in Qualcomm Stadium, unwilling to leave their beloved Bolts.

But now? “The mood has changed,” said county Supervisor Dianne Jacob, who this year dropped the season tickets she had inherited from her father. Like many others, she’s had it.

“The attitude that I’ve picked up from my constituents is, ‘I am done with them,’” Jacob said.

Even among the most upbeat, hope is fading. “I like to remain optimistic,” said Dan Jauregui who, as “Boltman,” is a familiar sight at Qualcomm. “But it’s very unlikely they will stay.”

There are still die-hard loyalists — Jauregui is one — who will root for this team wherever they go. And that’s if they go. Dean Spanos, team president and CEO, has said he will announce his decision after the 2016 season. That means sometime between the final whistle at Sunday’s Chargers-Chiefs game and Jan. 15, when the team’s option to relocate to L.A. expires.

Fans already are bracing for the worst. Life without the Chargers would bring change to San…

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