If you're a drug addict, you can go to an Anaheim police station or officer for help

ANAHEIM – The city is ready to start a program to connect drug addicts with a nonprofit organization for treatment options.

After Monday, a person who is not wanted for any crimes or under the influence will be able to seek help at an Anaheim Police Department station or contact a police officer for help. The City Council recently approved a contract with the nonprofit that will take the contact from there.

City leaders said they hope the drug program will also reduce crime and perhaps the homeless rate.

“Drug Free Anaheim provides a path to sobriety and alternative to criminal prosecution,” Police Chief Raul Quezada told the council.

“I’m confident this innovative program will fill the much-needed gap in our ongoing efforts to identify ways to reduce and prevent crime,” Quezada said. “Drug addiction plays far too large a role in criminal activity, and we must collectively do everything that we can to reduce the number of people in our families, neighborhoods and community suffering from this physical and emotional dependency.”

Anaheim is finalizing the contract with Social Model Recovery Systems, which would start at one year at $83,800, with three optional one-year extensions. Money would come from the city’s narcotics asset forfeiture funds.

Social Model Recovery Systems would be responsible for screening people seeking help and connecting them with treatment. It, not the city, would help people with treatment costs. The nonprofit would also monitor the effectiveness of the…

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