Up to 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled from locomotive in UP’s Roseville rail yard

It is estimated that 2,300 to 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel was released from the parked locomotive in the Union Pacific railyard where clean-up efforts have been under way this week along a Roseville creek.

Union Pacific Railroad officials earlier this week said that on Tuesday they learned of the diesel fuel spill from railroad company property into Dry Creek next to UP’s J.R. Davis Yard.

Most of the diesel fuel from the locomotive soaked into the soil within the big rail yard, but some entered Dry Creek, causing a sheen to be visible on the water. Most of the fuel has been recovered from the soil and the water, according to a UP news release.

Crews worked overnight and were still cleaning up the spilled fuel Friday. Exactly why the locomotive discharged the diesel fuel is under investigation, a UP spokesman said Friday.

County environmental health officials confirmed that the affected area is limited to Dry Creek and no drinking water sources have been affected, the railroad reported.

A spokesman for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, said scientists with the department have assessed the situation. So far, he said, they have reported no effects from the spill on fish or wildlife in the area.

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