Rain doesn’t reach every plant

Just because it rained recently doesn’t mean every plant in your garden got watered. Remember to give a drink to plants that rain doesn’t reach, such as under eaves or evergreen trees or on covered patios.

Also, well-watered plants hold up better to frost than thirsty plants. If nighttime temperatures are expected to plummet, make sure citrus trees and frost-tender plants are saturated before the sun goes down.

▪ Poinsettias and cyclamens – traditional holiday gift plants – will last longer if placed in a warm sunny location away from heating vents or drafts. Poke holes in the foil wrapper for drainage and place the potted plant on a plate or saucer.

▪ Prune deciduous trees now while you can see their true shape and framework. (The exception are apricot trees, which are usually pruned in August.) Remove crossing branches and dead wood. Make cuts above an outside bud or existing lateral branch.

▪ Bare-root roses, fruit trees, cane berries and grapes can be planted now. Before planting, hydrate the plants by soaking roots in water overnight.

▪ It’s time to plant onion and garlic sets. They’ll be ready for harvest in late June.

▪ Also plant broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, peas, carrots, radishes and turnips.

▪ For some winter color, plant calendula, candytuft, English daisy, Iceland poppy, pansy, primrose, snapdragons, sweet pea and viola.

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