Raiders mailbag: Winning in the playoffs with Matt McGloin, Derek Carr’s recovery, Michael Crabtree’s shoulder pads and more

The mailbag is open again and let’s dive into this week’s questions:

This all comes down to what happens this weekend and who they end up facing in the playoffs. If they don’t win the division title and end up going on the road in the first round and playing the Houston Texans then I very much feel like Matt McGloin and the Raiders can win that game. But let’s say they do win the division and get the first round bye. Then there’s a good chance they would get the Pittsburgh Steelers at home the following weekend. I don’t like their chances as much in that gme.

Not necessarily and that’s because of Rodney Hudson. The Raiders’ center shares a lot of the responsibility in reading the defense and making the calls, so he’ll be a big help to McGloin. And even though McGloin hasn’t been playing, it’s not like he hasn’t been paying attention to games and opposing defenses. I think he should be OK in that area.

They do. It took a little time for the initial shock to wear off, but they’ve bounced back…

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