Matt Drudge suggests US government behind cyberattack on ‘Drudge Report’

In his first tweets from his personal account, Matthew Drudge, creator of the popular news website “The Drudge Report,” alleged that the U.S. government might be trying to crash his website.

Drudge started his Twitter account in 2011.

DDoS is an acronym for distributed denial-of-service attack and refers to a tactic used by some organizations to overwhelm a website’s server with millions of requests and cause it to crash. A major DDoS attack this past October caused popular websites such as Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and Reddit to go dark for many users, per USA Today.

Drudge’s mention of Fort Meade is a reference to the Maryland headquarters of the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command.

As of Thursday night, “Drudge Report” was still available to readers on multiple internet browsers, according to the Washington Times. However, the International Business Times reports that the website was briefly unavailable around 7 p.m. Eastern time Thursday.

Drudge’s speculation comes just hours after the Obama administration announced sanctions against Russia in retaliation for hacking efforts aimed at disrupting the presidential election. Russia’s role in the hacks, which many political analysts…

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