Lost hikers rescued from Las Flores Canyon near Altadena

ALTADENA — Four lost hikers were rescued today from the Las Flores Canyon area of the Angeles National Forest near Altadena, authorities said.

The hikers called for help about 12:50 a.m. after they were lost four hours in the cold and rain, according to Deputy Dan Paige of the Altadena Sheriff’s Station.

The hikers had begun about 4:30 p.m. at Lake Avenue and Loma Alta Drive, Paige said.

“The young hikers were concerned about bothering local emergency services, but after four hours in the cold, rain and dark they decided to call 911,” he said.

A Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopter worked with an Altadena Mountain Rescue Team to locate the hikers about one mile north of the trailhead, Paige said.

They were described a 24-year-old woman from Los Angeles and a 21-year-old man, 19-year-old man and 14-year-old boy visiting from Mexico.

The hikers were airlifted to Charles White Park in Altadena and driven back to their car by 3 a.m., Paige said. “The hikers were very grateful and even offered to buy us coffee. We had to decline the offer as all of the volunteer rescuers had to get up in the morning to work their ‘normal’ jobs.”


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