Long-dead actors can now appear in new movies, but would they want to?

Carrie Fisher may have died, but General Leia Organa could live on.

While fans mourn the 2016 deaths of many famous celebrities, including the renowned “Star Wars” actress, the possibility that these cultural icons could reappear in movies, TV shows, commercials and other media is growing.

And according to a report from Reuters, many living actors have been mobilized by the death of Fisher and others to protect what future filmmakers or executives could have them do onscreen after they’ve died.

Before Fisher died Dec. 27, she was already at the forefront of new movie technology that allowed her to reprise her role as the young Princess Leia in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Because the events depicted in “Rogue One” take place before the plot of the original “Star Wars” movie, filmed in 1977, director Gareth Edwards had the challenge of depicting characters whose original actors had aged or even died. Using ground-breaking computer imaging, Edwards was actually able to scan an image of Fisher’s younger face onto a new actress, almost seamlessly integrating her character into the film.

But Fisher’s appearance was not even the most impressive resurrection, according to Washington Post critic Michael Cavna. Peter Cushing, a British actor who died in 1994, reprised his original role of Grand Moff Tarkin in “Rogue One” thanks to the same technology used with Fisher.

Now that Fisher has died, her future in the franchise is unclear. According to Variety, she had already finished filming her part in the…

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