‘Just stop, daddy,’ child pleads to legislator charged with domestic violence

The 911 call from inside the home of state Rep. Chris Corley is punctuated with screams of what the dispatcher believed were the Corleys’ children “begging for their father to stop.”

The first call late Monday went to the Aiken Public Safety Department, the city’s police agency. No one speaks during that call. All that can be heard are screams in the background.

“Please stop,” is screamed repeatedly. “Just stop, daddy. Just stop. Why are you doing this, daddy?”

There’s also, “Please, Chris,” presumably from Corley’s wife of 12 years.

Audio of the call on Monday night was released by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, just days after the 36-year-old Aiken legislator’s arrest on charges of domestic violence and pointing a gun at his wife.

The operator in the initial call, clearly shaken, calls the Aiken County 911 operator, in order to get deputies on the scene. Corley’s home is in Graniteville, a few miles from the county seat.

“I had a caller, sounded a lot like children screaming for help and begging for their father to stop,” the operator said. The call ends with the county operator saying she’ll dispatch deputies to the house the city operator suspects the call came from.

Sheriff’s deputies would later get a follow-up phone call from a different woman.

That caller, who is not identified but presumably is Corley’s mother-in-law, is heard telling deputies that a man with a gun “beat his wife and he’s threatening to kill his self (sic).” Corley’s wife and two of their…

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