Don't try to camp out for Rose Parade on New Year's Eve

Think you can snag a premium spot for the Rose Parade by setting up early on New Year’s Eve this year? Don’t even try it.

Thanks to an age-old tradition that will push the New Year’s Day parade to Monday, Jan. 2, camping won’t be allowed in Pasadena until Sunday night, city officials said.

Established to avoid spooking the horses outside of churches, the Tournament of Roses Association has followed its “Never On Sunday” rule for the last 128 years.

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No one can claim a spot on the sidewalk until noon on Sunday, and even then, all belongings have to stay on the curb until 11 p.m, according to the city.

After that, camping is allowed as usual. But there will still be some very specific rules that must be followed.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said his officers will be out on New Year’s Eve to ensure that no one is trying to camp out early — anyone violating the rule will basically get a stern talking to.

It is a family event after all, Sanchez said.

“We have very few problems along the route,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said in the past when the Parade fell on Jan. 2, most people were respectful and didn’t try to set up early.

The police chief did add that people should avoid using silly string, or throwing tortillas.

“Leave it at home,” he said.

The predicted rain is likely to deter most people from trying. Storms are expected on both Friday and Saturday nights.

City Spokesman William Boyer said…

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