A warehouse blimp? Drones parked on lamp posts around the city? Amazon takes to skies

Amazon deliveries are now a way of life for many, who count on the company to keep the diapers stocked, the Christmas gifts coming and a hard-to-find item on your doorstep, perhaps as soon as later today.

Amazon made a successful drone delivery in the United Kingdom in December, using a drone to deliver an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn. The company’s website features a page dedicated to Amazon Prime Air, a delivery system, it says, is designed to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using drones.

But Amazon isn’t stopping there.

The company is looking for new ways to deliver even quicker through “airborne fulfillment centers,” according to patents uncovered by Zoe Leavitt, a tech analyst at CB Insights, a venture capital research firm.

It looks like a blimp for delivering packages via drones. CB Insights calls it a flying warehouse. As TechCrunch.com points out, it could be useful at a sporting event or a outdoor concert to supply snacks or merchandise quickly. It could be used to get items to hard-to-reach places more quickly — or, perhaps, aid in disaster relief someday.

That’s not all.

Other patents, also uncovered by CB Insights, indicate Amazon could one day have a network of drones that can communicate with one another and perhaps use lamp posts as parking spots when they are not in use.

Of course with all these drones flying around, you just know someone is going to try to shoot them down. Amazon envisions a “malicious person” with a bow and arrow — and the drones would be able to…

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